What to Expect from Your Orthodontic Appointment

The Eastgate Dental Centre has offered orthodontic services for over 20 years. Our orthodontists provide excellent and quick treatment to all patients regardless of age. Orthodontic work is not simply a cosmetic choice. A healthy bite that aligns the teeth of the top jaw with the teeth of the lower jaw makes it easier to eat, and speak, and improves overall health.

Properly aligned teeth will last a lifetime, decreasing the need for dentures and other serious dental work. Treatment is most effective when started early. Children as young as eight may undergo some form of orthodontic work, but we also offer orthodontic care to adults. Teens are often concerned about their image while they have orthodontic braces. As orthodontists in Hamilton, they work quickly so that treatment doesn't take too long. They also offer Invisalign® to reduce the appearance of the braces.

Orthodontics for Adults

As mentioned above, adults can also benefit from a visit to our orthodontists. Treatment may take more time at age 50 than i does at age 12, but the end result is similar: an aligned and healthy bite. Any adult with healthy teeth can undergo successful orthodontic treatment. Sometimes orthodontic treatment as an adult reduces the chance that the teeth will move following orthodontic treatment while improving health on all levels and increases self-esteem.

Choosing Invisalign

Adults also have the option of the Invisalign system to reduce the appearance of braces. Invisalign uses a clear aligner that is worn over the teeth. No one notices the aligner. It is comfortable to wear and is easily removed for eating, flossing, and brushing. It is a high-tech system that uses impressions of the teeth and computers to map out a course for correction.

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