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How Does the Cold Weather Affect Sensitive Teeth?

As the cold weather approaches, you may begin to worry about the pain you will experience in your mouth. When your teeth are exposed to the cold winter air, it can be just as painful as eating or drinking hot and cold substances. Tooth sensitivity from cold outdoor temperatures is more common than you may think. For starters, many people tend to clench their jaw to stay warm without even realizing it. Clenching and grinding your teeth is one of the main causes of tooth sensitivity, as it wears down the enamel in your tooth, exposing the dentin and resulting in nerve irritation.

You may also experience tooth pain if you are suffering from allergies or sinus problems, which is very common this time of year. Because of the location of your sinuses, pressure or infections could be causing discomfort in the upper rear teeth. If the pain is persistent, be sure to schedule a dental check-up with your Hamilton dentist

Battling Winter Tooth Pain? Talk to Your Dentist at Your Next Teeth Cleaning in Hamilton

The first step to eliminating tooth sensitivity is understanding why it happens and what you can do to prevent it. When you breathe in cold air through your mouth, the dentin in your teeth contracts and then expands when your body’s temperature is restored. This can cause stress on your teeth and the formation of tiny cracks. Though these cracks are invisible to the human eye and do not affect your tooth’s structure, they can result in sensitivity issues. As fluid moves within the tiny tubes in the dentin, the nerves in your teeth become exposed to the cold air, causing uncomfortable sensitivity in your mouth.

Other top reasons for cold weather induced sensitivity pain include:

  • Defective fillings 
  • Defective crown or bridge margins 
  • Cracked or damaged teeth
  • Receding gums 
  • Problems with your bite
  • A tooth or gum infection 
  • Porous and sensitive teeth
  • Cavities
  • Periodontal disease
  • Metal fillings
  • Post dental treatment 

Fight Tooth Sensitivity and Aches this Winter with A Visit to Your Hamilton Dentist.

If you are tired of experiencing tooth sensitivity and discomfort every time you step outside in the winter months, try switching to a sensitivity toothpaste like Sensodyne Pronamel. If you are waking up with a sore jaw, it’s likely that you are grinding your teeth while you sleep. You may benefit from the use of a mouth guard to protect your teeth and enamel from wearing down and help reduce sensitivity pain.

If you find that the pain in your mouth is getting progressively worse, the team at Eastgate Dental Centre can effectively identify the reason behind your teeth sensitivity problem so you can get back to enjoying your daily winter activities. Following a dental exam, we will be able to rule out tooth decay or gum disease. We can also provide you with a fluoride treatment that can help reduce any tooth pain you experience from the bitter cold wind. For your convenience, our dental office in Hamilton is open seven days a week and we are always accepting new patients. We serve patients across Hamilton and surrounding areas of Stoney Creek, Grimsby, Ancaster, Winona, Waterdown, Caledonia, Binbrook, Burlington and Dundas.

Call us today at 905-560-2714 from learn more about how we can help you eliminate tooth sensitivity or contact us online to book a dental exam and teeth cleaning in Hamilton.
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